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Archive of Blog: March 2019

Dinosaur Plateau
Published: 11 march 2019

   In the eastern part of Turkmenistan, in the mountains of Kugitangtau (Koytendag), at an altitude of 1500 meters, a few kilometers from the village of Hodjapil one of the most ancient and amazing sights of TTurkmenistan is situated - the Dinosaur Plateau.   The name of the village “Hodzhapil” in Turkmen means “holy elephants”. Why elephants and not dinosaurs? Because for centuries, the indigenous people believed that the giant footprints left deep on the plateau belong to giant elephants, on which the army of one of the greatest commanders in history, Alexander the Great, or as it is called in the east, Iskander the Great, moved.   According to another legend, once a year white sacred elephants appear on the plateau and perform ritual dances, and it is they who left these tracks.  But everything has a scientific ...

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