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Archeological monuments

Dinosaur Plateau
Rubric: Archeological monuments

   In the eastern part of Turkmenistan, in the mountains of Kugitangtau (Koytendag), at an altitude of 1500 meters, a few kilometers from the village of Hodjapil one of the most an...

Monument of Independence of Turkmenistan
Rubric: Archeological monuments

Each of the CIS countries, becoming independent, erected in the capital a symbol dedicated to its neutrality. Turkmenistan also did not ignore this important detail. The capital of Turkmenistan is Ash...

Altyn-Depe – Turkmen Stonehenge
Rubric: Archeological monuments

For several decades scientists excavate ancient settlement Altyn-depe that situated some kilometers away from Tedjen city. Altyn-depe translates like “gold hill”, because there was found a...

Old and New Nisa
Rubric: Archeological monuments

  One of the most famous archeological monuments - Old and New Nisa are in a few kilometers from Turkmenistan. The study of this ancient city was begun at the last century by archaeologists from ...

Rubric: Archeological monuments

   Merv oasis (40 km. to the east from Mary) is one of the most ancient regions of Central Asia, which mastered an irrigation system related to the period of Bronze Age. Therefore it is not ...