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Archive of Blog: November 2014

Karlyuk caves
Published: 02 november 2014

  Karlyuk caves are located on the western slope of the ridge Kugitang-Tau, on the eastern outskirt of Turkmenistan. There are numerous picturesque gorges on the slopes of the ridge. The height of some cliffs is 200 m.   There were registered about 60 caves, its length is from a few hundred meters to several kilometers. Karlyuk village is the great value as a natural biological attraction, as well as a world heritage monument. The most famous caves are Hoshmoyuk, Kapkutan, Stone Flower, Vertical (Cave of the Dead), located in the 7-10 km. to the east of the Carluke village.   Cave "Hashimeyuk" is geological and archeological site in a mountain system of Kugitang. The length of the cave is 3.5 km and consists of many mazes (from 5 to 8 metres). There are a lot of formations, which are called stalactites and stalagmites.   The length of “Kop-Kotan”...

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