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Archive of Blog: February 2018

Karakum Desert
Published: 22 february 2018

The area of the Karakum Desert is nearly 350.000 sq. km, which is about 79 per cent of Turkmenistan’s territory. The desert borders on the Ustyurt plateau  in the north-west, on the Amu-Darya in the north- east, on the  Murghab River oasis in the south and on the Caspian Sea in the west.  The Karakum desert is divided into three parts: Low (Central), Zunguz (Northern) and Southeast. The desert is rich not only in oil and gas but other mineral resources as well. A wide range of grey mounts dominate the landscape along the boundaries of the Zunguz Karakum. Those mounts hold deposits of sulphur. From the outside they are covered with a flint crust.The landscape of the Karakum is very interesting. Only part of its territory is covered with sand. In the east there are ‘barkhans’ - mounts of loose sand of 15 to 35 m high. There are flat areas of broad expanses ...

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