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Archive of Blog: April 2015

Altyn-Depe – Turkmen Stonehenge
Published: 02 april 2015

For several decades scientists excavate ancient settlement Altyn-depe that situated some kilometers away from Tedjen city. Altyn-depe translates like “gold hill”, because there was found a lot of gold jewelry. The city prospered during the Bronze Age, more than 4-6 thousand years ago. Nowadays there’re formless clay hills on the large territory of ancient settlement. But all the hills together form a single system of architectural symbols and patterns. That’s why settlement often call as Turkmen Stonehenge. The plan of the settlement Scientists can’t tell the name of the country and what language its people spoke. But excavations revealed that settlement was well fortified: there were heavy defensive walls with towers. The main material for constructions was adobe bricks that used for house buildings. There were a lot of blocks inside the city and only rep...

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