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Archive of Blog: May 2016

Customs of Turkmens
Published: 02 may 2016

Turkmenistan, like any Eastern country, is famous for its hospitality and friendliness. Guests are a real holiday for every family. They set the table with the most delicious and beautiful dishes. Bread and salt are sacred for Turkmens and it’s the main detail for any dish. Every meal is accompanied by green tea – Turkmens drink it in large quantities in the cold and even in heat. Turkmen honor Turkmens highly value honor. It carries not only by man, but also by his family and the whole race. Nobility is another feature of people. It’s a great shame for a man if he doesn’t keep his word. Spirit of kinship is strongly developed among the locals. Family is on the first place not only for women but also for men. Turkmens try to maintain good relations with neighbors. Sincerity is another quality that is highly appreciated by Turkmens. Folk wisdom says "Speak the trut...

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