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Archive of Blog: June 2015

Extraterrestrial landscapes of Kopetdag mountains
Published: 12 june 2015

The Kopetdag Mountains is the largest mountain system, located between Iran and Turkmenistan. Mountains stretch along the sandy Karakum desert more than 600 kilometers. So the Kopetdag Mountains may be talked about as a natural barrier for the shifting sands of one of the world’s largest deserts. There a truly cosmic landscape rises to view that looks unusually. That’s why local people named the mountains as “lunar”. Their smoothed peg-shaped forms speckled with deep furrows resemble the hardened volcanic lava. So the mountains represent to view a truly architectural improvisation of the Earth which as though had broken out from the depths of its bowels. The main secret It’s interesting that because of air humidity the color of mountains may vary from the emerald-gray to pinkish-cream, unveiling thereby after the rain the wonderful color tints of rocks. Wh...

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