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Turkmen wedding
Rubric: Turkmen traditions

In Turkmenistan, as in other Eastern country, wedding is not possible without national traditions and ceremonies. Religious beliefs and ancient people’s traditions became intertwined in wedding ...

Turkmen bakhshi
Rubric: Turkmen traditions

Bakhshi (Turkm. bagşy / bagshi) - folk singer among the peoples of Central Asia, generally performing at the celebrations. The word "Bakhshi" comes from the Sanskrit bhikshu - teacher. Mongolian Buddh...

Rubric: Nature reserves

The Repetek Nature Reserve was founded in 1927 and occupies a territory of more than 35 000 hectaresto study unique desert fauna and flora.  It is located in the central part of the eastern Karak...

Kugitang Nature Reserve
Rubric: Nature reserves

Kugitang Nature Reserve is located in the south-western slopes of the Koytendag mountains (the Kugitang range), at the south-western extreme of the Gissar range of the Pamir-Alay mountain system. Gene...

Akhaltekin horses
Rubric: Turkmen traditions

The modern science names Akhalteke horse as one of the most ancient in the world among 250 fixed breeds of horses. A lot of researchers are inclined to consider as it the most ancient breed of cultura...