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Archive of Blog: September 2013

Turkmen national costume
Published: 12 september 2013

  The formation of Turkmen national costume is connected with climatic conditions, occupation and historical relationship. The traditional Turkmen costume was free and loose clothing that was met all the requirements for the nomadic way of life. Man's costume consisted of a loose shirt, pants and robe, which were made of cotton fabric. The robe was made of striped fabric (silk), usually red, white and black stripes. Footwear was shoes which put on over woolen socks. According to shoes, one could determine the status of the host. Rich people wore boots made of white leather on the heel as well as boots with galoshes “kovush”. But the greatest attention was paid to the headdress “telpek”, as hat which was made of black, white and brown lamb was the sign of manhood. “Telpek” is a unique hat, it protects from the heat in summer and from cold in w...

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