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Turkmen cuisine.

Turkmen cuisine
Published: 27 may 2013

  Turkmen national cuisine has much in common with the cuisines of other Central Asian peoples, primarily, the uzbek and karakalpak, this is explained by the similarity of natural conditions and ethnic characteristics. However, the Turkmen cookery maintained its national originality, which shows itself as in the assortment of dishes and ways of their cooking, as in the ritual of food serving. The distinctive ways of cooking of various traditional national dishes are typical for different regions of Turkmenistan, that is due to the peculiarities of farming or to the influence of the neighboring nations. There have been great changes in the Turkmen cuisine in recent years. Earlier vegetables (beet, onions. etc.) have been added in the meat soups occasionally, but today chorba with vegetables, especially with potatoes and tomatoes is an everyday food in all regions of Turkmenistan. Oni...

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