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Turkmenabad – the center of the eastern part of the Republic of Turkmenistan and the second most populous city (150 thousand of inhabitants, the biggest part of which are the Uzbeks).
Once the fortress of Bukhara Emirate Chardjui ("Four Channels")was located in this place, it guarded the crossing of the Amu Darya river from the invasion and plunder of the nomads. In 1886, when the trans-Caspian railway was led, military and then urban settlement were originated near the fortress. In 1901 the railway bridge was built across the river. In 1940 the name of the city received a new transcription - Chardzhou. In 1999 Chardzhou was renamed in Turkmenabad ("Created by the Turkmen"). Today Turkmenabad is developed industrial and cultural center. There are enterprises on processing of cotton, silk winding plant, factory on skin processing, karakul sheep, ship- repair and repair-excavator plants, a large superphosphate plant, etc. The city is conveniently located at the intersection of the navigable part of the Amu Darya River and the railroad and an important transportation hub. There are technical schools, colleges, museums and theaters in Turkmenabad.

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