Tours To Uzbekistan

A few hiccups but a great tour nevertheless

Author: Gillian T Newcastle, Australia
Trip Date: 2018/05/12

The tour didn't start off well as we were threatened with deportation because the letter of introduction had not been made available to Immigration despite assurances from our organiser, Zarina, that the visas were all in order. Elena made a quick trip to the Dept of Foreign Affairs and sorted it out while we waited 3 hours, unable to leave Tashkent airport.We also had problems with our Samarkand hotel, which was not the one we were expecting. Our driver eventually sorted it all for us, but we did a lot of driving around Samarkand in the meantime. Having said all the negative stuff first, I've got to say that this private 21 day tour of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan was extremely interesting and enjoyable. Everything else went according to plan. Our guides and drivers were absolutely fantastic! Thank you Anton (Turkmenistan), Elena (Tashkent), Salamet (Khiva), Lily (Bukhara) Dennis(Samarkand) and Anastasia (Kyrgyzstan). Because we had a private car and driver, we were able to stop/start/visit when and where we wanted with quick trips to supermarkets.banks, shops as needed. Our drivers all drove safely and were prompt, reliable, courteous and helpful and some were very good fun (especially Mohammed in Uzbekistan!) The hotels were very nice and the Amulet (Bukhara) the Futuro (Bishkek) and The Hillside (Karakol) were outstanding little boutique hotels offering excellent amenities. The breakfasts were varied and ample. I recommend this company, just check the paperwork before you arrive.