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 National Independence Park

  One of the main touristic attractions of Turkmenistan is the National Independence Park  in Ashgabat. There is a symbol of the country – the Monument of Independence (the tallest building of the country).

  The base of grandiose monument is a hemisphere (symbol of traditional Turkmen dwelling - yurts). The column is decorated with proud eagles and golden spire with a crescent and 5 stars (symbol of the unity of 5 Turkmen clans). The height of this grand building is 118 metres -derivative number is taken from the sum 91 and 27 (Independence Day October 27, 1991). You can get here in one of the luxury entrances, guarded by the statues of warriors with gold spears. There is the Museum of National Values inside the building. The museum exhibition contains of different types of weapons, large numismatic collection, as well as beautiful jewels.

  Independence Monument is surrounded by the majestic statues of the great rulers and military leaders, artists and thinkers of Turkmenistan. The majestic composition is finished by Ceremonial Avenue leading to the monument.

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