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 The museum of National values

  The main activity of the Museum of National values of Turkmenistan  is the study and demonstration of museum exhibits (archeological, historical and cultural values of the Turkmen people).

  The museum of National values also performs the following functions: studies the history of Turkmenistan from ancient times to the present day; collects important materials for the museum collection; conducts meeting and conferences; cooperates with foreign organizations and museums; organizes scientific study of the development of modern Arts of Turkmenistan.

  There is also Admission Commision of values and Scientific Council, which holds meeting twice a year. You can get inside five main entrances guarded by statues of soldiers with gold swords. The luxury decoration of the Museum of national values is amazed by its beauty. Here are stored many examples of jewelry, coin collection and firearms. The monument is surrounded by majestic statues of great leaders, artists and thinkers of Turkmenistan. The majestic composition is completed by the ceremonial avenue leading to the monument.

  The Museum of National values of Turkmenistan is guided by the Constitution of Turkmenistan, as well as its laws “On the protection of Monuments of History and Culture”, “On the museum and museum business”.  

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