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  Kunya-Urgench is the ancient city, located 120 km from Dashoguz and 40 km from the Amu Darya. Its area is over 650 hectares. In ancient times the area of the city was 1500 hectares. It was the major trade centre by X century.

  In XII-XIII centuries BC is a period of prosperity. In 1221 after the invasion of Genghis Khan's army, the majority of buildings and monuments were destroyed. Later the city was invaded by Tamerlane’s army. At the same time the Amu Darya River suddenly changed direction, forcing local people to leave the city. After all that had happened the city was abandoned. Thanks to this most of the monuments of the ancient city are preserved, but in a very bad condition. Having visited Kunya-Urgench, you will see the building of various forms with unusual domes, amazing its colors, paintings and ornaments

  Today, here you can see such amazing buildings as Arslan Mausoleum is a monumental building of unusual beauty; Tekesha Mausoleum is a round building with a powerful dome, made of brick; Tyurabek-Hanym Mausoleum is honor place for Muslims, the building area is 100 sq.m. Its dome was covered with mosaic with various ornaments; Nadzhimetdin Kubra Mausoleum is well preserved till nowadays. This building was decorated with colored glazed tiles with floral ornaments. But the main attraction of ancient city is Kutlug-Timur Minaret. It is a brick minaret was built in the middle of XIV century.

Kunya-Urgench is one of the most interesting ancient sites in Central Asia. This beautiful and informative place was declared the National historical reserve of Turkmenistan entered in the list of the world historical and cultural heritage of UNESCO.


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