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Architectural reserve


Kunya Urgench is known for its magnificent monuments of the XIII-XIV centuries. No one knows when Kunya-Urgench was founded. During the recent excavat...

Kutlug Timur minaret


  Kutlug Timur minaret is the highest minaret in Central Asia, was built in 1011 during the reign of the Golden Horde. The height of the minaret ...



  Izmukshir is an ancient city Zamakshar, as well as the birthplace of the great philosopher Az-Zamakshari. It is a fortress wall 1,5 km. long. I...

Mamun Minaret


  Mamun Minaret is a part of pre-Mongol Urgench, situated in the northern part of Dash Gala, near IL-Arslan Mausoleum. Ruins of the minaret were ...

Tyurabek-Khanum Mausoleum


Tyurabek-Khanum Mausoleum was built in Kunya-Urgench in the second half of XIV century. The building is a rotunda topped with drum and blue ...