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  Izmukshir is an ancient city Zamakshar, as well as the birthplace of the great philosopher Az-Zamakshari. It is a fortress wall 1,5 km. long. In 1938 after Timur’s campaign, the city was completely destroyed and devastated.

  Here you can still see a few surviving buildings of various shapes: square, octagonal and oblong. There are small arched niches (25x25cm) at the walls, inside each building.

  Unfortunately, the appearance of the building wasn’t preserved. The local people call them “kaptar-khana”, i.e. “pigeon”. According to researchers, these buildings were part of the agricultural estates and had residential use for the storage of household utensils.

   During its two thousand year history, ancient city Izmukshir lived through not dynasty of Eastern rulers. It is one of the most monumental and picturesque ruins of Khorezm Empire.

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