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 Kutlug Timur minaret

  Kutlug Timur minaret is the highest minaret in Central Asia, was built in 1011 during the reign of the Golden Horde. The height of the minaret is 60 meters; diametre of the base is 12 metres. Kutlug Timur minaret is a slender, tapering upward round trunk, divided eighteen stripes and decorated with ornaments and inscriptions in “kufi”. 145 stairs leads to the top of the minaret.

  Kutlug Timur minaret unlike the other minarets in Central Asia of XI-XII centuries doesn’t have rich décor. Despite it is very high and slender building. There are many assumptions about age of the minaret. Some scientists believe that its construction was erected during the reign of Kutlug Timur, others believe that the minaret was built during the reign of Sultan Mahmud Gaznevi. According to historical records, in 1221 after the city’s destruction by the Mongols, the dome of the minaret was badly damaged but later it was restored.

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