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 Sights of Turkmenistan


Turkmenabad. Mary. Dashoguz

   Merv oasis (40 km. to the east from Mary) is one of the most ancient regions of Central Asia, which mastered an irrigation system related...


Turkmenabad. Mary. Dashoguz

  Gonur-depe is the largest settlement in Margian. According to different sources, the area of the ancient city was from 20 to 50 hectares. The c...

Kiz-Kala Fortress

Turkmenabad. Mary. Dashoguz

  Kiz-Kala consists of two small fortresses, located in Merv oasis, near Bairam Ali town. Big Kiz-Kala consisted of two floors. There were five r...


Turkmenabad. Mary. Dashoguz

  The word "Margush" was transcribed as «Margiana» by Greek authors and as “Mouru” in the holly book "Avesta". It wasn&rs...

Durnali settlement

Turkmenabad. Mary. Dashoguz

  Durnali settlement is located just 25 kilometres from Gyaur-Kala fortress. Despite its ancient and rich history, here you can see numerous...

Talkhatan Baba Mosque

Turkmenabad. Mary. Dashoguz

Talkhatan Baba Mosque is located 30km from the old Merv, on the territory of the medieval village Talkhatan. The mosque dates to the XI century; it ha...