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  Gonur-depe is the largest settlement in Margian. According to different sources, the area of the ancient city was from 20 to 50 hectares. The construction of necropolis dates back to II-I centuries BC. During the excavations there were found a lot of home appliances: different kinds of silver jewelry, various vessels, mirrors, ceramic vases etc. These artifacts refer to III millennium BC.

  Gonur-depe complex was located on a small hill of right bank of the Murghab river bed, and the main necropolis Gonur was on the left bank of the River. During the excavations there also were found three royal tombs, plundered in ancient times. Thanks to the stone fragments found here, it is known that the facades of the two buildings were decorated with mosaic panels. The technique of Gonur masters is notable: at first they used colors and then the individual parts were made with stone accents. It is important to note that this technique is not found anywhere in the world.

  In addition, there were found pottery workshops, small buildings, as well as some burials. All rooms are located on the east and west. Such items as bronze knives, stone handicrafts, pins were frequent finding.

  Gonur is one of the important tourist sites in Turkmenistan, where thousands of tourists come from all over the world. Having visited this mysterious place, you will plunge into the world of Turkmen ancestors who were not only skilled builders, but also sculptors and jewelers.

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