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 Kiz-Kala Fortress

  Kiz-Kala consists of two small fortresses, located in Merv oasis, near Bairam Ali town. Big Kiz-Kala consisted of two floors. There were five rooms on the ground floor and a staircase passed through the arch passage. According to the fragments of the second floor, we know that there were five rooms too, located inside a courtyard.

  Unlike the Big Kiz-Kala, Small Kyz-Kala survived much worse. Thanks to the excavations, it is known that two fortresses were built on the same plan. It is also notable that corrugated walls were made of mud brick. There were residential and utility rooms inside the fortress, forming a courtyard in the center of the fortress. It was a very comfortable design for steppe: It was cool in summer and hot in winter. This building was also used as a barn, therefore it is not surprising that it could withstand a long siege.

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