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 Yangisuw Canyon

A canyon halfly made of salt and granite, located in Kyzylkum desert, Turkmenistan. 

Famous of its fantastic white, green and red limestone formations rise up from the desert sands. These derivations are the remains of huge coastline and seabed of the pre-historical Parathetys Sea. The minerals that give color to the rocks are copper, salt, phosphorus, granite and vitriol.

Yangisuw Canyon

Due to the national importance of Yangisuw Canyon, its not allowed to mine these nature banks, so you can safely take a photo on the background of wild colors. This surreal landscape is impressive at any time of day, but sunset and sunrise offer particularly fantastic views.

The canyon is reachable only by SUV transfers, passing through the Balkan Mountains and a vast highland area where camels, sheep and horses graze.

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