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"Jeyhun" Hotel

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Turkmenabad, Bitarap St, 106
Distance to: at 6 kilometres distance from airport
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"Jeyhun" Hotel is located in one of the most beautyful places of Turkmenabad city, at 6 kilometres distance from airport. This unusual white-marble building was erected in 2009. The hotel consists of 33 rooms: 16 single rooms, 16 double rooms and 1 lux room. The hotel territory is decorated with beautyful fountains and green lawn. There are also night club, bar, restaurant in the hotel, where you can always taste dishes of national and european cuisine. 

Property amenties:

- 24 hour room service
- Bathroom/Shower
- Air-conditioner
- Hair dryer 
- Telephone 
- Fresh towels
- Tv-set

Hotel services:

- Bar
- Restaurant
- Night club
- Business center
- laundry service