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 The National Museum of Turkmenistan

  The National Museum of Turkmenistan was established in 1990, its total area is 15 thousand sq. metres. The museum consists of seven galleries, keeping the history of modern culture and ethnography of Turkmenistan. There are more than 116 000 unique items in the museum's collection. Here you can see thousands of archaeological monuments of old Nisa and Merv, as well as ancient Turkmen carpets, household items, samples of national clothes and fabrics, items made of precious metals.

  A special place is given to the museum exhibition "Ancient World". There are exhibits found during archaeological excavations in Altyn-Depe. A natural-historical collection is also very interesting. This exhibition consists of more than 2,500 artifacts, beginning with the history of independent Turkmenistan. The exposition has documents in Turkmen and English languages, as well as state symbols: national emblem, flag and anthem.

  It is known, that Turkmenistanhas always been famous for its weaving products, so it is not surprising that this collection is given much attention. These are carpets, rugs and national clothes. Carpets made of wool and silk yarn were very colorful. The collection of the museum is characterized by ornamental and compositional decisions that emerged during the centuries-old history of people’s arts and crafts.

  In 2009 new building of the Museum of President of Turkmenistan and the Museum of Ethnography were attached to the building. In April 2013, the State Museum of Turkmenistan entered into the structure of the State Cultural Centre of Turkmenistan. 

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