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In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Turkmenistan, almost all foreign nationals require a visa to enter Turkmenistan. 

Speaking in general, it’s not possible to get a usual visa to Turkmenistan without a hand of the tourism agency. 

The only way to come and see the beauties of this country is to apply for a transit visa which won’t ask you for a tour program and LOI. 

The transit visa lasts only for 5 days, but if you’re unfortunate, you might get less. Its all dependant on the embassy.

Duration: single-use, 90 days long.

Transit visa cost: from $55 to $155 depending on the number of days.

Payment: only with cash in the embassy and border office.

The visa-free regime applies only to the citizens of Georgia.

Every other passport holder should either book a tour or apply for a transit visa in the embassies. (the full list could be found here)

Registration in OVIR is required, also there is a hotel $10 fee per person per night. 

Important information: when you will cross the board to Turkmenistan - please, be aware that they’ll take away your passport for a couple of hours. The reason is that they confirm every needed information about your person and us

Source: MFA of Turkmenistan

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