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Tourism development in the Kopetdag

Published: 27 may 2016

12Valleys of Kopetdag rivers have a great tourist potential. Picturesque canyons, untouched nature, walnut groves and beautiful waterfalls can attract many tourists. Valley of Arvaz River has also sources of hydrogen sulfide that are famous for their healing properties.

Even now valley of Gokdere is considered a health resort of the capital, where modern health centers appeared for the recent years. The buildings of health centers are surrounded by oak, pine groves and river riparian woodlands. Especially famous Keltechinar picturesque river valley, where the usual more than a dozen species of fish.

In the vastness of Kopetdag there are more than three dozen mountain streams, each of which has a high potential for the development of tourism and recreation. Crystal water, clean sources of clean mountain air - on their own are the best healers. Now carefully considered the issue of tourism development in these regions.