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 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Turkmenistan

Best time to travel to Turkmenistan?

Turkmenistan’s climate is extremely continental with hot, dry summers. Midsummer temperature can reach 45 °C.  However, such temperatures are quite bearable because of the very low humidity. Winter is mild with average temperatures below freezing for only a few days in January and February. However in the north of the country winter is severe. January temperature in Dashoguz average - 23 degrees Celsius. Most rainfall occurs in March and April.
Spring (April - June) and Autumn (August - October) are the best seasons to visit Turkmenistan.


The national language spoken in Turkmenistan is Turkmen. Widely used as a second language is Russian. While the post-independence generation is increasingly speaking other foreign languages such as English, French and Turkish.

Currency and unit in Turkmenistan

Turkmen currency unit – manat. You can exchange your currency for the Turkmen manat in the banks, hotels and exchange offices. It is not recommended to exchange money at the “black markets”.
Credit cards are accepted only in the office of External Economic Bank, in large hotels, restaurants of Ashgabad and offices of the airlines.

Banks business hours

Labour hours of banks: from Monday till Friday, from 09:30 to 17:30.

Emergency telephone numbers

First aid and emergency service – 03
Police - 02
Enquiry service - (12) 222222


Line voltage in Turkmenistan is 220 volt. Standard two-pin plugs and sockets. Frequency: 50 Hz.

Mobile communication

“Altyn Asyr” is the operator of mobile communication in Turkmenistan. It provides services under the brand «TM CELL».

Restrictions on clothing

Turkmens’ historically nomadic lifestyle led to a flexible attitude towards religion. Instead, many local traditions and customs continue to play an important role in the lives of the people. Women do not cover their faces, and wear a large variety of colorful headscarves of their own choice. They do not wear chadors, but in general they wear long colorful, embroidered traditional Turkmen dresses.
So, it would be better to dress chastely, especially when visiting mosques, mausoleums and temples. Mainly it is concern of women. 

Is it safe in Turkmenistan?

Yes it is. Traveling inTurkmenistanis is entirely safe.


Sun stroke and dehydration are the two main risks to your health in the Turkmen sunshine. A head cover and drinking sufficient fluids (water, juice, soda, tea, etc) will largely protect you against these risks.

Turkmen visa

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