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 Reviews about Turkmenistan

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Excellent operator in Central Asia!
Author: Rook8888
Trip Date: 2016/11/14
Travelling to this part of the world can be difficult and time consuming, given the relative paucity of tourists to the region. Two of the countries (Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) have rather onerous visa application processes, and a lack of diplomatic representation worldwide can deter even the most motivated of travellers.As a result, when we decided to travel here, we decided that a tour would b...
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Very efficient!!
Author: Wilburstravels
Trip Date: 2018/09/14
I gave Anur a tour of Turkmenistan & Uzbekistan that my friend and I wanted to do. They arranged the lot - hotels, trains, transfers, tours, visas etc. We were slightly nervous about paying 50% of tour cost by bank transfer and rest in cash on arrival but needn’t have worried. Elina was great at organising everything and was available on WhatsApp all the time.
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A few hiccups but a great tour nevertheless
Author: Gillian T Newcastle, Australia
Trip Date: 2018/05/12
The tour didn't start off well as we were threatened with deportation because the letter of introduction had not been made available to Immigration despite assurances from our organiser, Zarina, that the visas were all in order. Elena made a quick trip to the Dept of Foreign Affairs and sorted it out while we waited 3 hours, unable to leave Tashkent airport.We also had problems with our Samarkand ...
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