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Turkmen traditions

Customs of Turkmens
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Turkmenistan, like any Eastern country, is famous for its hospitality and friendliness. Guests are a real holiday for every family. They set the table with the most delicious and beautiful dishes. Bre...

Turkmen national costume
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  The formation of Turkmen national costume is connected with climatic conditions, occupation and historical relationship. The traditional Turkmen costume was free and loose clothing that wa...

Turkmen wedding
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In Turkmenistan, as in other Eastern country, wedding is not possible without national traditions and ceremonies. Religious beliefs and ancient people’s traditions became intertwined in wedding ...

Turkmen bakhshi
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Bakhshi (Turkm. bagşy / bagshi) - folk singer among the peoples of Central Asia, generally performing at the celebrations. The word "Bakhshi" comes from the Sanskrit bhikshu - teacher. Mongolian Buddh...

Akhaltekin horses
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The modern science names Akhalteke horse as one of the most ancient in the world among 250 fixed breeds of horses. A lot of researchers are inclined to consider as it the most ancient breed of cultura...