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Nature of Turkmenistan

Karakum Desert
Rubric: Nature of Turkmenistan

The area of the Karakum Desert is nearly 350.000 sq. km, which is about 79 per cent of Turkmenistan’s territory. The desert borders on the Ustyurt plateau  in the north-west, on the Amu-Dar...

Inhabitants of the Caspian Sea
Rubric: Nature of Turkmenistan

Caspian Sea is an unusual sea – it’s very difficult to find one similar. It’s the world’s largest basin detached from the World Ocean and it’s the only sea in the world w...

Extraterrestrial landscapes of Kopetdag mountains
Rubric: Nature of Turkmenistan

The Kopetdag Mountains is the largest mountain system, located between Iran and Turkmenistan. Mountains stretch along the sandy Karakum desert more than 600 kilometers. So the Kopetdag Mountains may b...

Rubric: Nature of Turkmenistan

Yangikala Canyons are amazing natural objects in the North West of Turkmenistan in the Balkan region. Yangikala means “fire fortress”. So interesting name canyons were given because of red...

Karlyuk caves
Rubric: Nature of Turkmenistan

  Karlyuk caves are located on the western slope of the ridge Kugitang-Tau, on the eastern outskirt of Turkmenistan. There are numerous picturesque gorges on the slopes of the ridge. Th...