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 Kopetdag reserve

Kopetdag reserve is a reserve area in the Ashkhabad region, was founded in 1976. The reserve area is 49800ga, 46000 of which are covered by forests and 3600 by meadows. It was established to preserve and study the ecosystems of the mountain steppes, forests and shrubs – tugais. The climate is dry, continental, summer temperature is + 29 degrees Celsius. The relief is mountainous. There are two nature reserves in Kopetdag reserve: Karayalchy and Charlyk.

There are 68 species of mammals: leopard, goat, mountain sheep, honey badger, hyena and other, 280 species of birds: chukar, pheasant, bearded vulture, shaheen, as well as 960 species of plants: plum, barberry, almond, ficus. Foothills are covered by steppe vegetation – saksaul and pistachio shrubs. The reserve consists of four separate areas at altitude from 700 to 2800 m above sea level. Kopetdag reserve area can serve as an object of Russian eco-tourism. 

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