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 Sights of Turkmenistan


Turkmenabad. Mary. Dashoguz

  The word "Margush" was transcribed as «Margiana» by Greek authors and as “Mouru” in the holly book "Avesta". It wasn&rs...

Durnali settlement

Turkmenabad. Mary. Dashoguz

  Durnali settlement is located just 25 kilometres from Gyaur-Kala fortress. Despite its ancient and rich history, here you can see numerous...

The museum of National values


  The main activity of the Museum of National values of Turkmenistan  is the study and demonstration of museum exhibits (archeological, hist...

Ertogrulgazy Mosque


  One of the most beautiful mosques in Turkmenistan is the mosque Ertogrulgazy or Mosque Azadi. It is the largest mosque in the city, built in th...

Abiverd settlement


One of the most important cities of Northern Khorasan is a medieval settlement Abiverd. Hafiz-i-Abru said that Abiverd settlement consisted of dozens ...

National Museum of wildlife


One of the interesting sights of Ashgabat is the National Museum of wildlife, which was founded in 2010. The museum is equipped in accordance with int...

Kopetdag reserve


Kopetdag reserve is a reserve area in the Ashkhabad region, was founded in 1976. The reserve area is 49800ga, 46000 of which are covered by forests an...

Talkhatan Baba Mosque

Turkmenabad. Mary. Dashoguz

Talkhatan Baba Mosque is located 30km from the old Merv, on the territory of the medieval village Talkhatan. The mosque dates to the XI century; it ha...

Tyurabek-Khanum Mausoleum


Tyurabek-Khanum Mausoleum was built in Kunya-Urgench in the second half of XIV century. The building is a rotunda topped with drum and blue ...

Dinosaur Plateau


The unique Dinosaur Plateau in Turkmenistan is the place with the largest number of remaining dinosaur prints.